Hamas decreta la pena di morte per i membri di Fatah

Hamas decreta la pena di morte per i membri di Fatah

Hamas, pena di morte per ufficiali sicurezza Cisgiordania legati a Israele (Aki) – Il movimento islamico Hamas, che dal giugno 2007 controlla la Striscia di Gaza, ha chiesto che venga comminata la pena di morte a quei responsabili della sicurezza in Cisgiordania fedeli a Fatah, che hanno rapporti con Israele. Lo riferisce l’agenzia di stampa ‘Xinhua‘ (…)

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(Hamas lawmakers on Thursday called for executing security chiefs loyal to rival Fatah movement for making security liaison with Israel in West Bank.

The Hamas lawmakers considered the security liaison as “high treason that requires death penalty.” Forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah control West Bank where Hamas accuses them of cracking down against the Islamic movement supporters.

The demands were made during a meeting for Hamas lawmakers in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to discuss the issue of security coordination between Israel and Palestinian National Authority.

“It is time for President Mahmoud Abbas to say his word regarding the security liaison in West Bank,” said Mushier al-Masri, secretary of Hamas parliamentary bloc. “It seems Abbas to be standing still.”

Meanwhile, another lawmaker, Mohammed Shehab, called for Abbas and his Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, whose government controls the West Bank, to “stand before trial for their systematic crimes against the Palestinian resistance.”

The Palestinian Legislative Council has been disabled since Hamas took over control of Gaza Strip by force last year. Hamas lawmakers hold their sessions unilaterally in Gaza Strip while Fatah lawmakers do not participate in the sessions with an increasing argument about their legality.)